“The Southern Agrarians’ greatest fear was that progressives’ advocacy of farm industrialization would demand ever larger, more expansive changes to society, without stopping to consider the unintended consequences. In contrast, the authors of I’ll Take My Stand urged a respect for the old rhythms and ways of doing things, a careful mindfulness that didn’t expand or abandon before remembering old traditions and mores.

This does not mean that the Southern Agrarians were simply reactionary, anti-technology Luddites. In I’ll Take My Stand, psychologist and professor Lyle H. Lanier said that new machine and industrial technologies were not problematic for the agrarian, but that an attitude of industrialism—in which “the notion that the greater part of a nation’s energies should be directed toward an endless process of increasing the production and consumption of goods”—was extremely dangerous. “There is nothing inherently evil about a machine,” he said.”

-Gracy Olmstead, “Taking A Stand on the Farm”, Comment Magazine